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IT Live 2018: Stop the breach!

IT Live 2018: Stop the breach!

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Farook Al-Jibouri, The Founder and Executive Director of Cyber Code Technologies, has delivery an oustanding and very sensative topic during IT LIVE in its 2018 version; STOP THE BREACH! To highlight the massive risks associated from cyber attacks and pay attention of country leaders on the importance of quick and wide adoption of Cyber Security standard on national and sectorial levels.
/ What is IT LIVE?
IT LIVE was initiated in 2017 to grow to be the largest IT forum in Iraq ever! it include multi-technical sessions.
In addition to educating users about the reality of global technology and its potential to benefit from the development of the telecommunications sector. The forum is concerned with creating a community of technology experts to share experiences and skills. And, with more than three thousand people at the event. The forum was able to gather together a wide range of groups and individuals interested in ICT, from leading international specialists to students and enthusiastic amateurs.
Why support IT LIVE?
As the country is sufferring from poor IT infrastructure and services on many aspects, the IT community stand up to change and revolutionaize the state of IT in the country. Thus the contribution of the community has been beyond every expectations and reflect the ambition and vision of each IT person.
IT LIVE is the BIGGEST IT event in Iraq
/ The Highlights Of The Forum
The forum included discussion sessions that addressed many subjects. the most important subjects were how to manage information technology, study computer courses in schools and the possibility of developing them.
It also included an interest in university studies inside the Iraqi universities in relation to the connected fields of information technology and discussed the Draft electronic crime law. In addition covered some modern techniques like Database Sequencing Technology (Blockchain), (Deep Learning), and the importance of use information technology in the medical section. Besides that, some of the Participating emerging projects had been reviewed in the forum to get the support and care from present large companies.

The Minister of Communications attended these sessions as well as many other local and international personalities.
In addition to a wide audience reached more than 4200 people which is considered a record.
Farook Al-Jibouri - IT LIVE 2018
“Iraq is so vulenarable to cyber attacks and must take serious measures”
IT LIVE 2018

Stop thebreachattackdata loss

/ Scientific Committee
The Executive Director of Cyber Code Technologies, Farook Al-Jibouri, was selected by the IT LIVE 2018 management to be a member of the Scientific Committee, it was very rich and challenging expeirence to go through the entire submissions and nominations to organize the most attended IT event in Iraq ever!
The committee was very objective and faced enoromus challenges to come out with such rich agenda for such big event. The audience was incredible and from various sectors and different backgrounds, the committee wanted everybody to take something usefuly out of the event, and it was proudly achieved with the cooperation between the Founder the committee members and other committess in the event!

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