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CyberCON'22 a leading technology and cyber security event in Iraq

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CyberCON’22 Cyber security threats are evolving in Iraq due to many factors, and these factors we can summarize in:

  • Political situation in Iraq and in the area
  • The evolution of online business and Digitalization in the country
  • Increase in the demand for online payment services and digital banking

All of these contributes to increase number of cyber attacks on different sectors. Many big enterprises in Iraq suffer from major cyber attacks during the period from 2018 to 2022, and most popular attacks was ransomware attacks and Denial of services and because of these cyber-attacks many enterprises in Iraq lost a considerable amount of money to recover from the attack and then to improve the way they deal with cyber security. On the other hand, the small and medium companies working in Iraq also suffer from the cybercrime because they were not taking cyber security seriously. As a result, the culture start changing in Iraq and people start talking about cyber security, but with no proper guidance who understands the risk and have global engagement with the global cyber security vendors.

Cyber Code Technologies conduct an intensive market analysis on the cyber security situation in Iraq to identify the market requirements and one of the main requirements was the need to talk and meet experts from around the world, who been working in cyber security projects for many years and with different customers and from different sectors. We believed that this would help our customers to have better understanding of the cyber security solutions and how that can fit with their current challenges. Our response to this finding was “CyberCON'22” event.


We selected our vendors that can attend this event very carefully and we wanted to make sure that the attended vendors will present “Life” in Baghdad their solutions to Iraqi market. We invited the top players in cyber security industry and infrastructure solutions, and they were very excited to visit Iraq and meet the local customers.  The list of attended vendors to CyberCON’22

  • Palo Alto Networks
  • RSA
  • Forcepoint
  • SentinelONE
  • Extreme Networks
  • Nutanix

The invited customers were from different sectors and industries, government and private sector, enterprises size and small and medium size businesses which are active in Iraq. And example of the attended customers:

  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Electricity
  • Ministry of Oil
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Central Bank of Iraq
  • Many private banks
  • Zain Iraq
  • Asiacell Communications
  • Basra Oil Company
  • Rumaila Oil Field operator (British petroleum)
/ Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks attended an event in Baghdad for the first time, and in their presentation, they focus on key features that made Palo Alto Networks number one in next generation firewall and their footprint in the globe. Palo Alto Networks specker focus also on their offering to Iraqi market and highlighted Cyber Code Technologies as a preferred partner for the company in Iraq.


RSA drag the attention of the audience by their identity management solutions which is a key pillar in the cyber security specially with the digital transformation that Iraq now is currently working on. RSA offer their help and support to Iraqi government and the private sectors during CyberCON’22 event and along with Cyber Code Technologies put an action plan to further support to Iraq market.

"It really great event, great organization, and sponsors are appropriately pickedup and arranged and attendance was awesome!." A public sector delegation feedback

CyberCON'22 Iraq IT & Cyber Security Event
/ Forcepoint

Forcepoint focus during CyberCON’22 on the Data loss prevention concept and open the discussion with the audience about how they can make sure they don’t loss their important data for any cause. The audience from the governments and private sectors show their interest in the Forcepoint approach in Data loss prevention. Cyber code technologies as Forcepoint partner in Iraq offer their support to algin the customers attended the event with Forcepoint for future collaboration.

/ Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks, the company which prove its name as a key player in modern networks solutions after they won many mega projects to cover the network and wireless of many big football club stadiums including Liverpool. Their high tech and easy to use networks solution also presented during CyberCon’22 and the company regional vice president attended the event himself and meet the customers and introduce the company offering and solutions and how they will help to build a strong network infrastructure in Iraq. Cyber Code Technologies awarded partner of the year from Extreme networks show their readiness to present Extreme networks products in Iraq by holding switches and access points stock inside Iraq, utilizing our showroom in Sina’a street.

/ SentinelOne

The next generation of end point protection was one of the key topics discussed during CyberCON’22. SentinelOne which ranked as number one in the EDR solution for three years in a row, presented in Baghdad for the first time and show their excitement to meet Iraqi customers which from their side also express their interest in SentinelONE offering and ask Cyber Code technologies to arrange for demo sessions and Prove of Concept (PoC) to have detailed overview of SentinelONE offering and their technologies.

/ Nutanix

Public cloud is a barrier in Iraq, and we understand that and bring Nutanix as a first partner for the company in Iraq to fill this gap and provide hyper conversion infrastructure solution to Iraq market. Nutanix solutions and technology which safe cost and effort for the customers presented in CyberCon’22 and add a value to the solutions packages that we discuss during the event.

/ MSSP & SMB Retail Showroom

We close the event by an official announcement of our 2022 key offering which is the managed services for the cyber security and how we can make our customers rest assure that their cyber security operations are in a good hand. Cyber Code technologies is the first company in Iraq to offer cyber security managed services and this is the result of a strong relationship from both sides the Customer who trust us to handle their Cyber Security, and the global vendors who trust cyber code technologies to present their solution and protect their reputation in the market.

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