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    Secure Your Server Workload in The Cloud
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    Secure Your Cloud Journey


Runtime security for physical, virtual, cloud, and container workloads


Helping organizations govern the use of cloud and protect sensitive data in the cloud


TrendMicro, Palo Alto Networks, Forcepoint, Proofpoint

Cloud Workload Security

The data center is undergoing a tremendous transformation. Organizations are now moving their server workloads to the cloud, and even leveraging containers and serverless in their cloud-native application architectures. There are many advantages of hybrid cloud computing, however, it also comes with new risks and threats. Your organization must ensure compliance requirements are met, and that you have security across all of your workloads: Physical servers, virtual, cloud, or container.
Workload Security provides comprehensive security in a single solution that is purpose-built for server, cloud, and container environments. Workload Security allows for consistent security, regardless of the workload. It also provides a rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs), so security can be automated and won’t impact your teams.
Security as code lets your DevOps teams bake security into their build pipeline to release continuously and frequently. With built-in automation, including automated discovery and deployment, quick-start templates, and our Automation Center, secure your environment and meet compliance requirements quickly.
Charging Model
Opex insead of Apex
Forecasted Adoption
60% of large enterprises will use CASBs by 2022
Builder’s choice. Security for your hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and multi-service environments, as well as protection for any vintage of application delivery—with broad platform support.
All-in-One Solution
One platform that has the breadth, depth, and innovation required to meet and manage your cloud security needs today, and in the future.

What is Cloud Access
Security Broker (CASB)?

Cloud access security brokers, or CASBs, are security policy enforcement points that sit between a cloud service provider and its users.

The purpose of CASBs is to:

  • Help companies discover where their data is across multiple environments, such as public or private clouds, software-as-a-service applications, on-premises data centers, and others.
  • Infuse and enforce the company’s security, governance, and compliance policies as users access and consume cloud resources.
  • Protect data against loss or theft.

The main pillars of CASB functionality are:

  • Visibility
  • Compliance
  • Data security
  • Threat protection

In other words, CASBs provide companies with a way to effectively, consistently secure their data across multiple environments as well as quickly identify and mitigate security-related risks.
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