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Enhance ROI With Packet Brokers

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    Enhance ROI With Packet Brokers
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    Enhance and Protect Customer Experience


NPBs aggregate and filter the data sent to tools, adding intelligent grooming and security enhancements such as deduplication, SSL decryption, data masking, and application and threat intelligence.


Keeping networks safe and users thriving amid the relentless flux requires a host of sophisticated tools performing real-time analysis.


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Network Visibility - a Modern Network Tool

Keeping networks safe and users thriving amid the relentless flux requires a host of sophisticated tools performing real-time analysis.
Your monitoring infrastructure might feature network and application performance monitors, data recorders, and traditional network analyzers.
Your defenses might leverage firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), data loss prevention (DLP), anti-malware, and other point solutions.
However specialized security and monitoring tools may be, they all have two things in common:
• They need to know exactly what is happening in the network
• Their output is only as good as the data they receive
Why Do I Need NPBs?
NPBs reside between taps and SPAN ports. They can access network data and sophisticated security and monitoring tools that typically reside in data centers. Network packet brokers do just what their name says: they broker network packet data to ensure every analysis tool sees exactly the data it needs to perform at the highest possible level.
Networks Monitored by IT professionals
< 70%
Reason they can’t monitor 100% of segments
38% cited “network complexity”
What Exactly Does the NPB Do?
Conceptually, aggregating, filtering, and delivering data sounds simple. In practice,
intelligent NPBs perform sophisticated functions to produce exponentially higher efficiency
and security gains.
One way they do this is by load balancing traffic. For example, if you upgrade your data center
network from 1Gbps to 10Gbps, 40Gbps, or higher, NPBs can downshift speeds. That allows
you to distribute higherspeed traffic across a pool of existing lower-speed 1G or 2G monitoring
tools for analysis. This extends the value of your existing monitoring investments and avoids
costly rip-and-replace upgrades as you migrate.
What to look for in an NPB
  • Ease-of-use and management
  • Intelligence capabilities that remove the burden from your teams
  • No dropped packets – 100% reliability while running advanced features
  • Architected for high performance

See for Yourself

Any gap in monitoring or security coverage compromises your ability to manage and defend your data centers, networks, and applications.
Contact Cyber Code Technologies to conduct a demonstration tailored to your unique needs and challenges and start seeing better performance, security, and ROI today
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