Government and Civil Services

Public institutions are facing enormous changes. In addition to ensuring that administrative performance is appropriate and of high quality, it is important to develop and implement more effective structures and procedures. The goals of a modernized administration include a service orientation, accelerated processes, cost-effective task fulfillment, reduced bureaucracy, mobility and job satisfaction for the administration’s staff.

But how can the federal and state governments, cities and communities achieve these goals while also responding to the growing demands of their citizens and the private sector? The answer lies in the modernization of public administrations, with the help of innovative management models and e-government.

Cyber Code Technologies presents its wide experience in modernization of Government and Civil Services in offering the follow main streams of solutions:

- e-Government Solutions and Services

- Design, Build and Maintain Private/Public Cloud for government services

- Datacenter and Disaster Recover

- Containerized Data Center

- Connecting government agencies using unified infrastructure

- Unified Communications

- Telepresence

- Integrated Physical Security Solutions

- Fiber Optics and Microwave Solutions

- LTE for Government Services and special agencies

- Mobile applications Joomla 3.3 Templates