Homeland Security & Defense

In the current scenario of threat, law enforcement agencies and homeland security offices require real-time information and situational awareness. Building city-wide surveillance, communication systems and emergency response in an integrated manner will change the way security threats will be handled in a modern fashion. Those systems cannot work independently as they will to be able to provide security officials and agencies with an integrated situational view of the security in their jurisdiction, drastically reducing the capability to respond to security incidents and threats.

Homeland Security and Defense solutions provide best of breed technologies throughout our experience and leading partners as well as our expertise in the domain which can bring unique experience in this field.

Our main solution offering:

  • Command and Control Systems
  • Tactical Networks
  • Secure Telecommunications
  • Secure emails
  • Secure VSAT
  • High-speed and secure optical networking
  • Integrated Physical Security including military-grade CCTV solutions
  • Secure voice systems
  • Military-grade encryption solutions
  • Border Security
  • Secure identity and documents
  • Advanced forensic security
  • Secure Telepresence Solutions

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