Smart Card & Identity

For a smarter life and work

Cyber Code Technologies provides state of the art Smart Card and RFID card based applications and solutions for a wide range of Identity markets. Cyber Code Technologies innovative and secure Smartcard Solutions are designed to provide applications for secure and tamper proof Driving Licenses, Ration Cards, ID cards and Access Control Systems catering to National ID initiatives, Governments and Public Distribution system; Airports, Homeland Security, Immigration, Banking, Transportation, Health Sectors, and security at sensitive installations.

Cyber Code Technologies provide the following turnkey Smartcard Management Solutions for different verticals:


  • Enterprises
    • Employee ID card Management
    • Access control Cards
    • Visitor ID management
  • Institutions and Universities
    • College and Campus ID card Management
  • Governments
    • National ID Card Management
    • E-Passport
    • Multipurpose Citizen ID card
    • Driving License
    • Ration Card Management
    • Voting and Election Solutions
  • Healthcare
    • Patient Healthcare ID Card
    • Healthcare Insurance ID card
  • Retail
    • Loyalty Cards
    • Membership Cards
    • Prepaid Cards
  • Financial
    • Credit Cards
    • Debit Cards Joomla 3.3 Templates