Information Security Solutions

The threats never stop, neither do our security solutions

While it may seem like security is out of the headlines these days, the threat to your enterprise remains. In fact, it may be more sinister than ever, as viruses that would wipe out a few desktops have been replaced by advanced threats that are not trying to destroy your data, but profit from it.

Security is engineered into all Cyber Code Technologies solutions. Whether it is in a borderless network, unified communications or virtualized data center, we cover all the bases by creating security frameworks that address the varied threats your organization faces.

Our security solutions include:

• Next Generation Firewalls

• Intrusion detection solutions

• Next Generation Anti-virus solutions

• Identity management solutions

• VPN solutions

• Intrusion prevention solutions

• Anti-spyware solutions

• Anti-malware solutions

• Anti-spam solutions

• Breach prevention solutions

• SIEM solutions

• Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

• Database Firewall

• File Activity Monitoring

In addition, our company is working in advanced encryption and data security solutions, in congestions with elite developers in this field we are capable of providing:

  • End-user security: including data, voice, fax, mail, file, storage, IP VPN, Secure Remote Access, Security Management, Platform Security
  • Network Security: IP VPN, Ethernet, Link Ethernet, PDH, SDH
  • Radio Security: Voice, Chat, Messaging, Data, IP VPN Joomla 3.3 Templates