Collaboration Solutions

With Collaboration, Voice is Only the Beginning

Harnessing the latest technology to deliver high quality communications at every endpoint Communications are crucial to business, and today’s unified communications put the power of convergence to work, helping your business stay connected to voice, video and data - even on the go. By leveraging a single voice, video and data network, your business’ productivity soars, collaboration intensifies and business processes come together in a streamlined and more immediate way.

Cyber Code Technologies has been working with IP telephony since its inception and has the expertise to implement today’s advanced applications, such as presence, collaboration, contact center and mobility services that bring about the highest degree of productivity and interactivity. Our IP communications solutions and endpoints allow for highly scalable and secure services that can be delivered to the next cube, building, branch, state or country.

Our unified communications solutions include:

• Voice Communications

• Messaging

• Video

• Collaboration

• Presence

• Mobility

• Contact Center Joomla 3.3 Templates