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May 31
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Cyber Security Threats in Iraq Financial Sector

Cyber Code Technologies has a presentation during (Banking Technology Conference) organized by Iraqi Private Banks League (IPBL) & Central Bank of Iraq the presentation took place on 6-7 May in Baghdad - Iraq. During which Executive Director of Cyber Code Technologies, Farook Al-Jibouri, had shed the light on "Cyber Security Threats in Iraqi Financial Sector".



Mar 24
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Mitigating the OWASP Top 10 with Imperva SecureSphere

The Imperva SecureSphere WAF solution has been around for a long time and because of this it is considered one of the best pure-play options available. However, it is not built on an ADC platform like some of the other offerings, and this may be an issue for certain organizations looking to bundle solutions. The SecureSphere solution is one of the most comprehensive WAF offerings available. The only major con of this offering is that it can be considered too robust for some smaller enterprise deployments, and because of this robustness it also tends to be the most expensive of those discussed.


SecureSphere provides a comprehensive solution that offers protection from many different common and uncommon (or unknown) threats, including support for the OWASP top ten list. It offers protection for a number of threats including (but not limited to):

  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • Session Hijacking
  • Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
  • Cookie Tampering
  • Site Scraping
  • HTTP and XML Reply and Request format validation
  • DoS/DDoS protection/Botnet Protection
  • JSON payload inspection
  • SOAP, HTML5 sockets, Web 2.0 Protections
  • ThreatRadar Reputation Services offering protection from known threat sources including support for building policy based on geographic locations
  • Signature and Behavior based protections
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) support including the monitoring of traffic for intended and unintended data exposure.
  • Authentication support including LDAP but lists support for all available authentication mechanisms when operating in bridge or non-inline mode
  • Stateful Firewall
  • Reporting and Policy tools that provide for easier PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOS and FISMA compliance verification
  • Virtual Patching

SecureSphere is available as a physical appliance, virtual machine (VMware ESXi), or via Amazon AWS. The SecureSphere solution is also available as a WAF-as-a-service via Imperva Incapsula.


We in Cyber Code Technologies are so much excited by offering our customers such robust solution and we are start seeing growing needs from organizations in Iraq to secure their web applications. Our technical team and local resources will help all customers to be safe within the online world.

Feb 17
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Imperva partnership announcement!

On our continuous efforts to bring world leaders in cyber security domain, we are happy to announce our partnership IMPERVA, the only "leader" in Web Application Firewalls in Gartner Magic Quadrant, also leaders in Database Firewall, and DDoS Protection.

Nov 25
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What's Your X? XGen Security Explained

The booming underground hacker economy, ever-changing IT landscape and risky user behavior have given rise to an exponential growth in sophisticated threats. How are you protecting your enterprise? Whether your "X" is a click-happy user, ransomware, zero-day or other threat, XGen, a unique blend of cross-generational threat protection techniques and market-leading global threat intelligence, can offer you more effective and efficient protection against a full range of threats. Learn more:



Nov 25
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Cloud Services Adoption in Iraq!

From around one year, I was in a continues business development rounds and activities with various Iraqi customers and prospect clients and one of the things which has really astonished me is the increase popularity in adoption of various cloud services in a country which many considered outdated in terms of technology adoptions and trends. However, there are still big portion of customers are not even thinking of it, just rejecting the idea! Joomla 3.3 Templates