Secure Encryption Of Your Company Data

Data is a critical part of every business, but this most valuable asset often poses a huge risk when it travels or is transmitted beyond your network.

Our simple to use data encryption application protects your data. With file, folder and email encryption our solution will ensure you meet your data security compliance obligations and protect your data.

Our simple-to-use data encryption application is suitable for both large and small companies. It requires minimal user interaction, increasing user compliance and the security of your company data.

Full disk and removable media encryption protects laptop computers against the unexpected. File, folder and email encryption allow fully secure collaboration across complex workgroups and team boundaries, with security policies enforced at all endpoints.

Activation and changes to security policy, software feature-set, encryption keys and endpoint status are all handled securely through the cloud, keeping your most high-risk endpoints under close control at all times. Home and mobile working make extending encryption security policy beyond the perimeter of your network a necessity. We offer full control wherever your users are.

Data Encryption Features

Full disk encryption.

Removable media encryption.

File and folder encryption.

Mail encryption.

Text and clipboard encryption.

Virtual disks and compressed archives.

Encryption key management

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