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Iraqi Technologists Board Sessions: Cloud Services in Iraq Part #2

Iraqi Technologists Board Sessions: Cloud Services in Iraq Part #2
On the 2nd session of Cloud Services in Iraq series organized by ITB, the focus is on the Cyber Security and Information Security concerns by the local market against Public Cloud Services, whereby the speaker (Farook Al-Jibouri) has explained the shared security responsibilty matrix and major security capabilities provided by Public Clouds in comparison with local security.
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project management, change orders, scheduling, human resources, billing, accounting and more.
2019 will see more large and small companies making use of affordable integrated software solutions.
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The Iraqi Technologists Board is a technological NGO composed of non-partisan Iraqis across the globe who perform research and advocacy concerning technological, economic development and digital transformation inside of Iraq.

We believe the key to fully re-building Iraq’s infrastructure and strengthening its industries and institutions can be expedited through the use of well designed systems and adoption of the latest technologies.
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