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Flashpoint Threat Intelligence Representative in Middle East

Flashpoint partner in UAE, Middle East

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Flashpoint’s purpose is to help organizations protect what they value and cherish most, and to do our part to make the world a safer place. Every day, commercial and governmental organizations, as well as other public entities, leverage Flashpoint’s threat intelligence platform and industry expertise to keep their employees and assets safe from harm.
/ Mission

Flashpoint’s core purpose is to help our customers take rapid, decisive actions to protect their assets and stakeholders.

/ Diffrentiators

Flashpoint is different from other
threat intelligence vendors

We deliver timely, actionable intelligence with a clear ROI
We relentlessly support our customers
We evolve with the threat landscape – ahead of our customers’ requirements

Detect, prioritize, and remediate threats in a flash

/ Best-in-class intelligence and analysis
We measure success by ensuring that we deliver the right intelligence at the right time, with the right context, so that our customers can mitigate risk faster than anyone else. 

A single intelligence platform with industry-leading, high volume OSINT collections

The Flashpoint Intelligence Platform is the intelligence solution that empowers different security teams to detect relevant threats and mitigate risk easily in their workflows. We safely provide access to top-tier illicit online communities and compromised data, including forums, chat service platforms, technical intelligence, and open web sources, in a single, finished intelligence experience. 

/ Flashpoint Intelligence Platform

Access finished intelligence reports, data from illicit forums, marketplaces, chat services, blogs, card shops, and vulnerabilities, in a single platform.

/ Compromised Credentials Monitoring

Monitor exposure of compromised credentials for enterprise domains and customer email addresses to take action after breaches to mitigate the risk of ATO.

Flashpoint partner in United Arab Emirates - Middle East
“Cyber Code Technologies is the resell & MSP Partner for Flashoint in the Middle East”
Flashpoint intelligence lifecycle
/ Brand Exposure Protection

Monitor for brand impersonation, stop typosquatting, and request takedowns.

/ Managed Attribution

A flexible, fully managed virtual environment that lets security teams spend their time researching threats instead of building tools to do so.

/ VulnDB

Secure your organization and applications with the most comprehensive, detailed and timely source of vulnerability intelligence and third-party library monitoring.

/ Payment and Credit Card Fraud Mitigation

Detect stolen credit cards in order to block fraudulent transactions; reissue stolen cards before they are used, saving time, money, and reputational risk.

/ Flashpoint Automate

Accelerate repeatable security-related processes via low-code automation to help detect, analyze, and remediate risk faster.

/ Echosec

Gain situational awareness and detect potential threats with real-time data from mainstream social media, fringe networks, news outlets, and messaging apps.

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