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Cyber Code Technologies achieved Forcepoint's Platinum Level Partnership

Cyber Code Technologies Forcepoint Platinum partner in Iraq

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Cyber Code Technologies, had achieved Platinum level partnership for Forcepoint in the Iraqi market, this was led by company achieving certifications and revenues target set by Forcepoint required to be qualified for this partnership level in Iraqi Market. With this prestigious achievement the company strengthen its advanced certifications achieved by its local resources and give more commitment to our customers and and execute its long-term vision to lead in the Cyber Security Solutions and Professional Services offerings in the market. This is marked as first partner to achieve that level of partnership in the Iraqi market!

/ About Cyber Code Technologies

Cyber Code Technologies, is a leading IT & Cyber Security Solutions Integrator, with its headquarters in Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE and its local headquartner based in Baghdad, Iraq. The company envision of bringing leading innovations in IT and Cyber Security to help build modern, secure and digital workspace. 

With multi-award and certified partnerships and local expertise Cyber Code Technologies gain unique reputation in a market which is complex and have vibrant conditions and challenges. With our determination we are always aim to make every project is a big success.

“Am thrilled with the rewarding achievement which shows our commitment to our customers and vendors, with such expertise brought for the first time in Iraq, we are evolving our capabilities and professionality to help customers be more secure and protect their businesses from the evolving threats. We’ve been consistent in promoting Forcepoint’s solutions and innovative products to various clients and that is rewarded with unique milestone & achievement.” Farook A-Jibouri, Executive Director of Cyber Code Technologies.

Forcepoint solutions
/ Cloud Security
  • Web Security and Email Security
  • CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker)
/ Data Security
  • Data Discover & Data Loss Prevention
  • DLP for Endpoint
  • DLP for Cloud Applications
Insider Threat Security & UEBA

Next Generation Firewalls
Forcepoint Platinum partner in Iraq
“The first evert Forcepoint Platinum partner in Iraq!”
/ Forcepoint. Protecting the human point.

Forcepoint is transforming cyber security by focusing on what matters most: understanding people’s intent as they interact with critical data and intellectual property wherever it resides.

We offer a systems-oriented approach to insider threat detection, data analytics, cloud-based user and application protection, next-gen network protection, data security and systems visibility. As technology and users’ data security needs evolve, we are constantly looking to expand our data security offerings while staying true to our core in protecting the human point to offer maximum enterprise security.

Protecting customers’ critical data and intellectual property from loss or theft

Even with varying industry requirements and changing technological capabilities, protecting data and IP is the top priority across the board. Bytes and Forcepoint work together to offer a range of products and solutions that help secure your organisation at the human point.

Businesses work with Bytes and Forcepoint to benefit from consolidated best in breed web, email and data security solutions, managed from a single platform and a single set of policies.

All Forcepoint solutions are scoped, installed, maintained and fully supported by Bytes accredited technical consulting and support teams, ensuring maximum performance for your business.


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